Vehicle GPS Trackers

Plug & Play or Hard-wired GPS trackers for CARS, SUVS, VANS, MINIVANS, TRUCKS, BUSES, including Hybrids & Electrics vehicles.


Real-time GPS tracking for Locating Vehicles & Assets

KBS Security offers reliable Vehicle Tracking Solutions for increasing the security of vehicles and improving the cost-efficiency of businesses who operate a vehicle fleet. Regardless of the vehicle type, we offer device, connectivity and software systems ready-made for both individuals and businesses for improving routing in delivery and transportation operations. CRUZERPRO features real-time tracking and an interface to view the live location of vehicles on the map. Improve the security of your vehicle and assets, keep an eye on your loved ones for peace of mind using latest GPS tracker technology.



Geo-fence Zones & Alerts

CRUZERPRO software allows you to create geo zones that can be drawn on the map around specific locations. Geofence zones are virtual barriers that can be used to set up an alert that will trigger every time your vehicle enters or leaves the area. You can set up a geofence zone around your house or your workplace or your customers location. Geo zone alert will instantly notify you with a push notification, SMS or email or mobile apps notification. Geo-fence zones can act as an early warning system in case of emergencies and help businesses to record time spent on and off work sites.