Glass Solar, Blast & RF Protection

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Today glass is used to a much greater extent in new modern buildings than previously to create a light living and working environment.

Unfortunately glass surfaces can also create solar hot spots creating glare and hot conditions necessitating the use of light restricting blinds and expense of running air conditioning.

Glass is extremely dangerous in the event of a terrorist bomb explosion or any other type of explosion such as gas, fuel or dust etc.

Injuries to both staff, visitors and passers-by can be caused by lethal shards of razor sharp flying glass from windows or other forms of glazing.

It is therefore important that glare and solar hotspots are minimised by the use of Solar Film for the comfort of staff and visitors together with energy saving on air conditioning.

The dangers emanating from flying glass following an explosion can be mitigated by the use of Blast Film and the Blast Mitigation Blind range.

Glass protective film can also act as a crime deterrent impeding access through glass doors and windows by thieves.

KBS can supply a range of Solar & Blast Films and also provide a fitting service if required.

Reflective Window Film ( Bronze – Silver )

The Reflective Film is designed for challenging environments where a high level of solar control is required without compromising the appearance of the building.

One of the most powerful and popular solar heat reflection films on the market providing unsurpassed solar performance together with high levels of visible glare reduction.

Clear Security & Safety Film

The Clear Safety Film is a simple and cost-effective safety and security solution for almost any glazing requirement combining advanced solar protection.

  • Also available in lighter shades
  • Anti-Shatter / Blast Mitigation
  • Glass Fragmentation Containment
  • Immediate upgrade of existing glazing
  • Increased Glazing Security
  • Invaluable protection against broken glass providing increased safety and security
  • Meets HSE Legislation for Safety Glazing
  • Protects Against Deliberate Attack
  • Protects Against Fading – Block Harmful
  • Reduces Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Tested to BS EN 12600 2B2, BS 6206 A, ANSI Z97.1 B and BS EN 356:2000 P2A
  • Upgrades Sub-Standard Glazing
  • UV Rays

Bomb Blast Glass Protection Film

The Bomb Blast Glass Protection Film is a simple and cost-effective solution.

The installation of bomb blast glass-containment window film will significantly reduce the hazards of flying glass, holding broken glass safely within the film thereby dramatically reducing injury and damage whilst also minimising clear-up time

The greatest danger in a bomb blast attack is from flying shards of glass, causing 90% of all bomb-related injuries. Powerful shock waves from a high-velocity attack emanate for miles in all directions causing devastation to even non-targets.

Construction: Mil Thickness 250 microns, Colour: Clear

The Bomb Blast Film is professionally installed by our highly-skilled team of fitters, with minimal disruption.

  • Anti-Shatter/Bomb Blast Protection Protects Against Deliberate Attack™
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Glass Fragmentation Containment
  • Increased Glazing Security
  • Meets HSE Legislation for Safety Glazing
  • Meets requirements of the workplace regulation (14) for safety in glazing
  • Protects Against Fading
  • Reduces Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Removes Ultra Violet light reducing fading of fabrics, furnishings and interiors
  • Tested to conform to British and European Standards, BS 62306 and EN 126500
  • Tested to conform to British automotive standard BS AU 209 part 4a;
  • Upgrades Sub-standard Glazing
  • Also available with added solar control features
  • Scratch resistant coating for long life and easy maintenance

RF Window Protection Film

The RF Window Protection Film provides high Radio Frequency and Infrared attenuation with high visible light transmittance and low reflectivity with minimal aesthetic impact.

The protection film can be applied to existing buildings windows, which will then meet Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility standards (SCIF).

Available in Film, Glass, Polycarbonate and pre-constructed panels.

These applied window films are the U.S. Government’s choice for film protection.

  • Added security for WLAN(Wireless Local Area Network or 802.11 and other wireless technologies
  • Anti-eavesdropping and TSCM(Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure) security
  • EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)protection and RF Shielding for both people and equipment
  • Energy savings and possible LEED credits
  • Physical security including glass fragmentation and spall control
  • UV (Ultraviolet) Protection for fade control and health

Vessel Safety Window Film

KBS Vessel Safety Window Film is available in a wide range of tint, style and grades, the films are specially designed to deter everything from the high winds of hurricanes to bomb blast to graffiti.

  • Acrylic Scratch Coat
  • Polyester (Tensile Strength 32,000 PSI)
  • Proprietary Laminating
  • The Vessel Safety Window Film has had blast tests conducted that meet the protocols outlined by the U.S. General Services Administration Standard Test Method for Glazing and Window Systems Subject to Dynamic Overpressure Loadings (ISO16933)
  • The Vessel Safety Window Film is a 200 micron, multi laminate blast mitigation window film; it has been engineered specifically to perform in the most demanding, life threatening situations
  • The Vessel Safety Window Film is specifically engineered and tested to meet stringent global mandated standards
  • The Vessel Safety Window Film prevents glass from shattering in high-powered internal and external explosions so saves life and minimises injury as well as damage to critical infrastructure

2500 RF Window Protection (IR, UV, Blast)

The 2500 RF Window Protection Film is compliant to US DoD Policy 3-7, Infrared and Radio Frequency Emanation Protection Standards, and meets and exceeds the requirements of various US Government organisations’ specifications for optically clear RF/IR/UV attenuating film coatings, aiding a Secure Working Environment.

Strength Eavesdropping Protection

Meets DoD Infrared and Radio Frequency Emanation Protection Standards.

RF attacks and Laser microphones are mitigated.

SD also provides protection as a Thermal Imaging Defence System.

SD Technology is the written and de facto standard for the U.S. Government.

Over 600 critical government locations secured.

Das Sheild

DAS Shield (Distributed Antenna Systems) is aimed at attenuating RF signals from entering or leaving buildings while maintaining high Visible Light Transmission with secondary benefits for Safety, energy savings and UV reduction.

Applying Architectural Shielding will improve Wireless security, reduce interfering signals, EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), and attenuating unintended signals.

Window Blast Mitigation Blind

The Window Blast Mitigation Blind range of products creates a barrier between an attack and the inside of your property.

The closing of the blind is triggered by the forward force of the blast wave. the blind then absorbs the force of the pressure wave, stopping glass shrapnel and other blast debris from entering the building.

They have the benefits and aesthetics of a conventional window blind without the degrading looks of many other physical security systems, they provide security and at the same time the uninformed user is oblivious to the fact they are being protected.

They are custom made and can be retrofitted into existing building or specified in new build projects with a range of products, venetian, vertical, opening sliding or fixed addressing exactly any customer needs. In addition to this the blinds can be designed to fit the look of any domestic or commercial premises utilising different colours and finishes.

They have been tested for protection against 100kg and 500kg TNT Equivalent explosions and achieved the highest standards of accreditation, complying with the exacting standards set.

They achieve unparalleled resilience and blast absorption standards in attack scenarios and are manufactured in compliance to ISO 9001:2008 building core strength and durability.

The Window Blast Mitigation Blind blades are extruded to a patent protected design to achieve inherent strength, they are further reinforced with high tensile steel rods when fastened to the inner frame.

The intellectual property in fastening methods and technologies guarantee high pressure blast absorption and controlled deflection properties, accredited with the highest standard of physical forced entry mitigation achievable.

Hidden high tensile steel bars create a barrier of protection and locking bar adds further strength clamping the blades shut.


Ballistic Protection

  • Crowded locations
  • Embassies and Government buildings
  • High Net worth Individuals
  • Military applications
  • Places of Worship
  • School Campus
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Transport Network
  • Universities

Critical National Infrastructure

  • Airports
  • Financial Organisations
  • Government Buildings
  • Law & Order
  • Military Bases
  • Power Plants
  • Shipping Ports

Blast Protection

  • Banks and Cash Handling Centres
  • Construction
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Data Centres
  • Education
  • Government and Local Authority
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Places of Worship
  • Police
  • Retail
  • Sports Stadiums

Forced Entry Protection

  • Banks and Cash Handling Centres
  • Construction
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Data Centres
  • Education
  • Government and Local Authority
  • High Net worth individuals
  • Hospitals and Pharmacies
  • Museums
  • Places of Worship
  • Police
  • Retail
  • Sports Stadiums

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