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Public address & Voice Alarm systems are used to reinforce a sound source e.g. a person making an announcement via loudspeakers throughout a building or venue where the natural voice would not reach. Systems are used to cover an audience that is large, spread over a wide area or to make announcements in noisy environments.

Whether you need a simple public address system, a multi-zone system with paging or to just play background music we can design a system to suit you. Options include: 

Paging microphones can be installed in multiple locations allowing different members of staff to communicate over the system. This can be to individual zones without interrupting other areas or globally.

-CD player, tuner or digital play back systems (background music or prerecorded messages)

-Indoor or outdoor loudspeakers

-A VOICE ALARM VA system will sound out clear and legible pre-recorded messages in emergency situations, to allow everyone to safely vacate the premises.
This message will act as a positive confirmation to keep people calm and not to panic and raise the risk of injury during the fire evacuation. Conventional sounders may spark panic and could slow the evacuation process.

Public address & Voice Alarm systems can be used for a wide range of applications including: 

Bars and restaurants



-Civic centres

-School, Colleges & Universities

-Shopping Mall

-Sports halls and playing fields

-Agricultural show grounds

-Shops, supermarkets and showrooms

-Factories and workshops

-Integrated to a Fire Alarm or Fire Fighting Systems

-Integrated to MAS Mass Notifications Services.

-Government Facilities

-Military Base

Public address systems (PA/VA Systems) are widely used throughout commercial businesses, schools, conference rooms and more. They’re the perfect way to deliver your message and reach everyone in your location with immediate information.

Our expert team has made us the leading PA/VA system installation company in DC, MA, VA & Overseas through our agents. thanks to premium sound quality, simple use and a platform designed to keep everyone safe and informed. Nothing harms your image more than a speaker system that’s loud and unintelligible to your team, students or customers.

Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems for your Businesses

From the background music in our favorite department store to the clean-up on aisle five in the grocery store, PA/VA systems are all around us. The main purpose of a PA/VA system is to notify the general public in your facility of sales that maybe going on, play smoothing background music, locate and inform people of telephone calls or notify people in the event of an emergency. Ask about our ability to tie into state and local emergency services .

Most PA/VA systems are simple in design, not consisting of high-tech audio equipment. They mainly consist of a mixer/amplifier, a paging adaptor hooked to a telephone system, paging microphone and 70-volt 8 ohm speakers.

PA / VA Systems for Schools , Colleges & Universities

KBS is a leading PA / VA system installation company . We’re able to deliver high-quality systems that can help you with everything from morning announcements and bus updates to fire drills, alarms and practices.

Let us be your top safety partner and see why our engineers are some of the most requested .

Our acoustic experts will make sure your system matches your space, delivering engineered precision that ensures a clean, crisp message each time. Give your team the direction they need and avoid mistakes or confusion by having a system that everyone can understand.

Integrated Fire Alarm / Public Address Control Panel

Integrated Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm & Public Address control panel is bundled with fire detection followed by automated voice messages, spot announcements and user friendly operations are ideal for all commercial, residential and industrial applications. Panel features integrated voice alarm / announcement capability and utilizes addressable technology to broadcast information using Talkback / Public address units at specific location.

FAPA panels are available in various configurations with networking, expandable analogue loops and expandable audio channels. Standard features include multiple audio sources for music / audio playback, routine announcements, spot announcements and inter linking capability with centralized monitoring station.

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