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With ANPR Systems, Manned Managed Car Parks, Self Ticketing Solutions, Barrier Controlled Systems, as well as Fully Automated Permit Management Systems, KBS have the right Car Park Solutions for you.

The Most Comprehensive Car Parking Options

Consultancy Services

We offer an extensive range of Car Park Management Services and Project Management, providing recommendations for a variety of systems with full car park consultancy.
Introducing a new parking scheme or changing your current system may feel too disruptive at any given time.
We can help through our range of professional support and project management, covering all aspects from infancy to completion.

We will work together to shape a collective strategy and continue growth.
Our mission is to:

  • Promote quality products and services that anticipate and exceed expectations.
  • Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, who together create mutual, enduring value.
  • Maximize long-term return to clients whilst being mindful of the overall costs.

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Pay And Display

Pay & Display Machines can often provide the simplest and most cost-effective solution to generate revenue from prime location parking areas.

There are a number of benefits in using Pay and Display Machines;

  • Cost-effective to implement.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Great way of generating revenue from prime locations.
  • Easily Understood by the public and very user-friendly.
  • Work 24/7 helping you to reduce man hours.
  • Always reliable in fair weather or foul.

With a proven track record in implementing Pay and Display systems, we offer flawless operations, and an all-encompassing service including:

  • Full installation of payment stations and associated project management.
  • Carrying out any regular maintenance, cash collection, reconciliation and banking.
  • Cashless payment systems (where required), to offer increased flexibility for consumers. Cashless systems include Phone based solutions.
  • Necessary enforcement schemes to promote compliance.

We have the knowledge, experience and products to implement and manage these systems at any of your sites.

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Pay and Display Systems can be Installed Throughout the EAST AFRICAN Countries  contact KBS .

Cashless Payment Systems (CPS)

We offer the latest Cashless Payment Systems (CPS). This regime offers a flexible and convenient parking payments service. Users can relax, without having to return to the parking location to extend the time allowed. Payments are made by phone, by app or online, via credit or debit cards. If opt for SMS messaging alerts, consumers can be notified prior to their paid parking fee is due to expire. Allowing for an easy option to extend the stay remotely.

The system offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the requirement for change
  • Convenient for customers who wish to pay on the move
  • Allows payment for specified time with option to extend
  • Compliments pay and display schemes
  • Reduces cash collection and capital expenditure long term
  • Easily integrates with ANPR technology

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Cashless Payment Systems ( CPS ) can be Installed Throughout the EAST AFRICAN Countries  contact KBS .

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Parking Systems

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software has been developed to monitor and capture vehicles number plate behavior for a number of different applications.

With ever increasing numbers of vehicles on our roads, and the traffic congestion associated as result, the ANPR technology some times can deliver the solution.

In the parking environment, ANPR technology can provide the following benefits:

  • Monitor Car Park Compliance
  • Provide Usage Behavior Reporting
  • Automate Processes; Access Control and Payment Systems
  • Provide Information to Variable Message Signs (VMS)

The ANPR Technology is ideal for use in large and busy parking schemes such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Retail and Leisure
  • Transport

We have the experience and technology to implement, integrate and manage ANPR systems. Find out how we can enhance your parking facilities by

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition ( ANPR ) can be Installed, Throughout the East Afrian Countries  contact KBS .

Pay on Foot

The Barrier Controlled Pay on Foot parking system provides control over parking facilities serving single or multiple car parks.

The term “Pay on Foot” is a parking industry phrase that describes a time based barrier controlled system.

Payment is completed before reaching the exit point via automated payment stations. Or if the application is integrated with ANPR technology, pre-booking parking visits can also be accessed online.

Customized tariffs and a wide range of payment methods (coins, bank notes, credit and debit cards or online payments) are facilitated by secure and fast payment transactions.

In terms of maximization of revenue, this option accommodates flexible tariffs and concessions for different user groups.

The Pay on Foot System is suitable for a variety of applications. Benefits include:

  • Network to Multiple Pay Stations.
  • Permit Management Via Close Proximity Card Reader or ANPR.
  • Self Managed and Remotely Monitored.
  • Entry/Exit Points Intercom Communication.
  • No Requirement For Enforcement.
  • Multiple Statistical Reports Linked to Operational Performance Including Car Park Occupancy.
  • Detailed Billing Reports Defined By User-Groups.

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Pay-On-Foot Barrier Controlled Systems Can be Installed Throughout the East African Countries  contact KBS .