Fire detection and alarm systems play an important role in new commercial and industrial properties.

KBS offers a variety of system options designed, quoted, installed, tested, certified and maintained by

our outstanding staff including:

  1. Fully addressable fire alarm systems
  2. Conventional fire alarm systems
  3. Flame imaging detection systems
  4. Systems rated for special hazards and extreme environmental conditions
  5. Visual smoke detection systems
  6. Linear detection for cold storage and special hazards
  7. Air sampling systems
  8. Network systems for large applications

When it comes to installing life safety systems, our goal is to conscientiously do our work without disrupting yours.

Our comprehensive, certified engineering and design services ensure your business will be able to continue running

smoothly during the entire installation process , even on building retrofits.

Why Choose KBS For Your Fire Alarm Installation?

Safety & Risk Management First Culture

KBS has a safety and risk management first culture, and our project management team is trained,

certified and experienced at all levels of installation. Rest assured that the safety of all people present is our number #1 priority.

KBS high end and Elite partner

KBS works with a number of vendors and distributors and are educated and trained on the latest fire alarm technologies.

KBS has access to top-of-the-line fire alarm technology. The selected line of products are some of the best in the Life Safety industry.

Expert Project Managers

We take pride in our commitment and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. That’s why, for every fire alarm project,

we assign an expert project leader dedicated to ensuring each task is completed to the customers’ complete satisfaction.

Our project management teams are experienced, trained and certified in the Life Safety industry.

They coordinate amongst the sales staff, designers, engineers and field installation supervisors to keep the project moving along flawlessly.