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The level of protection afforded to any given building or area is normally determined by the level of risk from intrusion or other criminal activity and ideally will comprise of several different but complimentary ‘layers’ of protection.

In this respect Perimeter Protection, in its various forms, is the ideal first level of protection; providing both an early warning of attempted intrusion as well as deterring and/or delaying entry of intruders.

Perimeter Protection is applied to the boundary of the property, be it the external fabric of the building or the boundary fence line in open or border areas.

Most situations would benefit from incorporating a KBS Perimeter Protection System in addition to any other security measures involved; however, for high risk and sensitive areas such as airports, military establishments, international borders, power stations, governmental establishments, nuclear power plants, oil & gas refineries, research establishments, embassies, residential establishments of individuals at risk from kidnap or assassination, banks, industrial plants, etc, the installation of adequate perimeter security is vital.

In addition, Perimeter Security can be applied to provide an early warning of intrusion or trespass and to instigate an alarm or audible safety message warning, etc. Perimeter Protection may be part of an integrated security system, i.e. CCTV would provide verification of an alert and radar would track intruders.

KBS can advise, design, supply and install suitable Perimeter Protection and border Security Systems worldwide including:-

Access Control Systems, Active & Passive Infrared Detection Units, Advanced ‘Microstrain’ Fibre Optic Sensing Systems, Automatic Gates, Doors, Barriers & Bollards, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Electrified Barriers, Electrostatic Field Disturbance Sensors, Ground Radar Systems, Integrated Control & Command Systems, Microphonic Cable Fence Disturbance Sensors, Microwave Movement Detectors, Point Vibration Sensors, Ported Or ‘Leaky’ Coaxial Cable Sensors, Seismic Sensors, Taut Wire Systems, Video Motion Detection (VMD) Sensors etc.

Microwave Intruder Detection System

The KBS Microwave Intruder Detection System is a perimeter intrusion detection system consisting of an all-digital transmitter and receiver that create an invisible detection zone that alerts when unauthorized intrusions occur.

Buried Cable – Perimeter Detection System

The KBS Cable Detection Sensor is a covert outdoor perimeter security intrusion detection sensor that generates an invisible radar detection field around buried sensor cables, if an intruder disturbs the field, an alarm is declared and the location of the intrusion is determined.

Targets are detected based on their conductivity, size and movement.

Cables can be buried into a variety of surfaces (ground, grass and concrete) approximately 23 cm below the surface and are completely covert; the cables are robust enough for direct burial in most surfaces.

The terrain-following, volumetric detection field is typically 1 metre high by 3 metres wide by up to 400 metres long.

Systems can be standalone or networked for long perimeters whereby sensor cables are connected together to create a continuous perimeter.

Buried Fibre Cable Long Perimeter Detection System

The KBS Buried Fibre Cable Long Perimeter Detection System uses a buried fibre optic cable and a centrally-located Sensor Unit to provide covert detection of intruders, vehicles, and tunnelling for a perimeter length of up to 72 km (45 mi).

No powered or conductive items are required in the field, making the sensor completely immune to EMI and lightning and impossible to detect through electronic means.

Perimeter Fence Detection System

The KBS Perimeter Fence Detection System is designed for applications where the detection of cutting or climb attempts is required.

The system uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to precisely locate fence climbing or cutting to within 3 meters (10 ft) whilst ignoring harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or vehicle traffic.

The system’s superior signal to-noise ratio, bandwidth and dynamic range produce superior probability of detection and a very low false / nuisance alarm rate (FAR/NAR )

Fence Mounted Intrusion Detection System

The KBS Fence Mounted Intrusion Detection System provides up to 50 km (31 mi) of protection in perimeter applications.

Its fibre optic sensor technology requires no powered or conductive items in the field, making the sensor completely immune to EMI and lightning and intrinsically safe in the presence of explosive atmospheres.

It will locate intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions or in the presence of non-localized environmental noise that would overwhelm the location capability of other long-range fibre optic sensors.

The systems resilient design allows detection to continue right up to the point of a cut in the sensor cable.

The system can be used on most types of metallic fences including chain-link, welded mesh and expanded metal. A single pass of sensor cable provides effective protection for fences up to 3 m (10 ft) in height.

The sensor may also be used on palisade-style fences depending on the specific characteristics of the fence.

Security Management System for Perimeter & Intrusion Detection Systems

KBS Security Management System for Perimeter & Intrusion Detection System is a full-featured Security Management System (SMS) optimised for the management and operation of perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems.

It is organised around a visual, map-based interface, that provides a streamlined user experience for operators handling everything from daily routines to crisis situations, enabling organisations to reduce reaction times, improve efficiency and safeguard personnel and property.

During an event, it will display on-screen procedural Information.

The operator must acknowledge the completion of each task as well as select outcome results from pre-configured lists.

All actions and response times are logged for future analysis.

The operator may also document each alarm event with time stamped notes.

FOSS Perimeter Fence Protection System

The KBS Fibre Optic Security System (FOSS) Perimeter Fence Protection System is a fibre optic perimeter security detection and alarm locating system, detecting intrusions to within 25 metres along perimeter fences up to 80km long, multiple systems can be networked to monitor long distances such as country borders.

Handles long distances and long fences up to 80km with a single system.

Location of an event to within 25 metres accuracy, as close as 10 metres when fitted to a chain link fence that complies with recognized standards, as confirmed through independent testing.

Knowing exactly where the intrusion occurred security staff can ensure a rapid response, or activate specific CCTV imagery.

There are No electronics in the field.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

The KBS Perimeter Intrusion Detection System is mainly based on unattended ground sensors that have traditionally been used in defence applications, but due to various technology limitations they had very little application in other areas.

An innovative approach in unattended ground sensors design has overcome the limitations, the system can now be used in defence, commercial, industry and private security applications

The system also includes detection devices based on different physical principles of operation seismic, microwave, infra-red, etc, video surveillance devices and command and control devices

The system is a battery operated wireless intrusion detection system with unrivalled detection and autonomous operation time parameters for use in defence, commercial, industry and private security applications.

All components of the system are linked into a radio network, the network consists of two-levels: lower level networks and higher level networks.


Enforcer – Underwater Communication & Diver Disruption System

The KBS Enforcer – Underwater Communication & Diver Disruption System is an acoustic marine communication application that is designed to work in conjunction with other diver detection systems such as sonar etc.

It is both an underwater communications system, and a high powered acoustic disruption system which can be used to ‘warn off’ or if necessary, ‘disrupt’ any unauthorized divers detected approaching or in a restricted area.

Diver Detection Sonar System

The KBS Diver Detection Sonar System  is a single or multi-head active sonar system designed to automatically detect and track underwater and surface threats, principally divers (scuba or closed-circuit, with or without propulsion aids), surface swimmers and un-manned underwater vehicles.

Radar Site Surveillance System

The KBS Radar Site Surveillance System provides automatic perimeter security for large open spaces, the sensor detects moving or stationary objects appearing anywhere within a range of 10 metres up to 800 metres in all weather conditions and light levels.

A Single system covers up to 1.6 km diameter.

It is a high performance 77 GHz Millimetre Wave FMCW radar designed for continuous use in harsh environments.

The system is extremely rugged with built-in self-test, condition monitoring and calibration.

The radar system constantly scans 360 degrees up to 800 metres once a second.

The radar fills a volume of space in which detection data is processed every 25 cm from the sensor out to the 800 metres instrumented range.

If objects are detected in the pre-programmed alarm zones, the system will command the CCTV to focus on those threats.

The system is capable of detecting multiple intruders in different areas simultaneously and can be configured to trigger audible alarms or activate other security equipment. With fully automated detection capability, the system removes any possibility of human error.

Ground & Marine Medium Range Radar

The Radar delivers an improvement in sub-clutter visibility by approximately 30dB against other radar technologies; this means targets with small radar cross sections (RCS) such as soldiers can be detected even in the presence of heavy land clutter.

It provides superior situational awareness through increased probability of detection of small targets and by detecting these targets at greater ranges than other competitor’s radars.

The coherent radar utilises the unique technology, proving low cost, low power consumption, lightweight design, ultra-high reliability, and superior performance.

Key features include jamming resistance, counter surveillance, covert mode and interchangeable dome covers to suit project requirements.

Doppler processing enables detection of extremely small and slow moving targets in poor weather conditions, day or night.

The high performance X-band ground surveillance radar is designed for easy installation on multiple platforms, including vehicles with fixed or telescopic masts, and is display agnostic.

The system provides the user with a discreet means to build the surveillance picture, thereby contributing to overall situational awareness. With 360 degrees of coverage, the radar is one of the most powerful sensors available in its class.

Ground & Marine Radar System

The KBS Ground & Marine Radar System provides the ability to detect small and slow moving targets both on land and over the water.

This allows it to operate in littoral or coastal regions where the radar is searching for targets such as walking persons, canoeists, RIB’s and jet-skis either over the land, open water or in tidal areas.

In addition to detecting small and slow targets the radar can also detect fast moving boats and/or large ships.

The radar’s flexibility allows it to be used for inland water surveillance such as lakes and reservoirs, on the land/sea margin including shoreline and harbour surveillance, and out to open sea for long range surveillance of covert targets.

It will operate in all weather conditions and continuously 24 hours a day making them particularly useful for security applications at night and in foggy conditions.

The radar is typically used with long-range surveillance cameras and thermal imagers, enabling security staff to detect and then identify the intruders or their boat.

All Weather Multi-Terrain 360˚ Radar System

The KBS Multi Terrain 360°Radar System provides low cost intruder detection to protect people, vulnerable infrastructure or high value assets where secure perimeters need to be established or maintained.

Designed as a robust and rugged unit for all weather conditions, the system detects vehicles and people out to 200 m with 360°coverage.

The system provides automatic alarms on intrusion and can slew a CCTV camera direct to the target.

Personal Alarm Systems

The PAS Personal Alarm System is an ultrasonic based emergency notification/ communication system.

Individuals moving throughout a facility can immediately identify their exact location in a crisis via the transmitter carried with them.

A variety of features and system configurations are available to readily interface with any security control equipment or the PAS-120, a complete multiplex system.

The same transmitters and receivers are used in either version.

Pipeline Protection :

Acoustic Fibre Optic Pipeline Security System

Preventing or detecting leaks caused by corrosion, environmental or malicious damage is a major challenge to gas, oil and  water pipeline operators faced with ever tighter regulations worldwide.

Where pipelines run through sensitive areas or over long distances in remote, hostile territory, conventional monitoring and protection methods can be stretched beyond effective limits.

If a pipeline is damaged by a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other interference, significant revenues will be lost and the resulting leakage could be dangerous to the local population and cause environmental damage.

The KBS Acoustic Fibre Optic Pipeline Security System (AFOPSS) is designed to protect gas, oil and other utility pipeline distribution networks and their remote facilities by providing an early warning of leaks, illegal taps, excavations and intruders which could pose a potential threat.

If a pipeline is damaged significant revenues will be lost, damage may also be caused to the local environment and the leakage could be a potential danger to the local population.

More importantly a terrorist attack on an unprotected utility pipeline could have catastrophic consequences.

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